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“I feel like a completely different person”

When Renee M. started experiencing incontinence in her late 30s, she was shocked to learn that it was pelvic organ prolapse, a condition in which the pelvic organs drop out of their normal position and protrude into the vaginal canal.

“I thought I was far too young for that,” said the mother of three. “It was completely surprising to me because no one in their 30s or 40s talks about it. I thought this couldn’t really be happening to me and it was just a phase.”

But when the problem persisted, Renee knew it was time to seek help.

“It had really taken over my life,” Renee said. “I’m a very active woman and I play a lot of sports, so leakage was a big problem. I would be playing tennis and go for an overhead shot and suddenly wet my pants.” At the same time, Renee felt a constant bulging in her pelvic region, a sensation that her insides were falling out.

After struggling for years, Renee finally reached out to a brother-in-law in the healthcare field. He recommended the Institute, and she immediately scheduled her first appointment, even though it was a 45-minute drive from her Worcester home. Once there, Renee worked very closely with Dr. Lucente to figure out a treatment plan that would suit her age and lifestyle, finally settling on the Institute’s minimally invasive PROLIFT surgery.

“From beginning to end, my experience with the Institute was wonderful,” Renee said. “Everyone was very easy to talk to, and I definitely had a lot of questions. And after the surgery, I was back to playing tennis in about six weeks.”

Now, Renee can finally enjoy her life again without having to worry about an accident.

“I feel like a completely different person,” Renee said. “I don’t ever have to think about whether my insides are falling out, or whether I’m going to laugh so hard I’m going to have ëtears’ running down my leg. I don’t have to wear a pad or be concerned that I’m going to leak when I’m getting intimate with my husband.”

Renee said that the surgery drastically improved her outlook on life, and she has already recommended the Institute to many of her friends struggling with the same problem.

“If you do your research, you’ll see that the Institute is really the best out there,” Renee said. “This problem used to be on my mind 24/7; now I don’t even think twice about it. For me, it was just life-changing.”

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