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“This has given me back my life”

When Phyllis R started having bladder control problems a year ago, she initially opted for a quick fix.

“I started wearing extra-thick Poise pads,” the 73-year-old Philadelphia native said. “My grandchildren would pull them out of my purse and call them my ëlady-pads.’”

Phyllis said she found herself taking measures to avoid embarrassmentówearing only black or brown pants and long jackets, avoiding certain places, and knowing where bathrooms were wherever she went. Finally, she had had enough.

“It was horrible,” Phyllis said. “It wasn’t that I was ashamed of my situation, because it wasn’t my fault, but I was unhappy. So I went to my gynecologist and asked what I could do, and he recommended the Institute.”

So Phyllis drove 90 miles from her Huntingdon Valley home to Allentown, hoping for some relief. And this July, she found it. After completing a trial period with the Institute’s external InterStimÆ Therapy device, she underwent surgery to have the device implanted internally for long-term therapy.

Immediately, she felt relief. “I could go out without having to worry, without having to run to the bathroom,” Phyllis said. “Suddenly, I had control again.”

She said her experience with the Institute was top-notch, from the friendliness of the doctors and staff to the surgery itself.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain afterward was zero,” Phyllis said. “I couldn’t believe it.” She said she was shocked by how little recuperation time she needed and that she was able to drive right away after the surgery.

Now, finally, Phyllis can enjoy the summer without having to worry about an accident.

“I can finally wear shorts again,” Phyllis said. “And when I go with my kids and grandkids to Ocean City in August, I won’t have to run around trying to find a bathroom.”

She said her only regret was not getting help sooner.

“I may be 73, but I’m a very active 73,” Phyllis said. “Whatever my grandchildren do, I’m right there with them. But this was the one thing holding me back. This surgery has really given me back my life.”

Phyllis said she feels so passionate about the Institute that she is willing to talk with any woman who is on the fence about getting help.

“When I was considering getting the surgery, I wish that I had had someone to talk to,” Phyllis said. “That’s why I’m happy to answer any questions that women may have. If I can help one other person, it was worth it. It really was a wonderful experience for me, and it has changed my life tremendously. I would recommend it to anybody.”

The only question now is how Phyllis will spend all the money she had set aside for Poise pads.

“I don’t have to spend $14.99 for a 36-pack anymore,” Phyllis said. “Suddenly, I’m flush!”

To speak with Phyllis about her experience with InterStim Therapy, contact the Institute for Female Pelvic Medicine at (610) 435-9575.

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