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About Our Research Team

As Registered Nurses as well as being certified in clinical research by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), we bring over 20 years of experience to conducting clinical research. We have both found that women who enroll in our research studies are happy to participate, not for the compensation for their time and travel that some studies may offer, but just knowing that the results may help their “daughters, granddaughters and friends” in the future.

As nurse researchers we are excited to have recently joined the Institute for Female Pelvic Medicine and now have the ability to provide opportunities for women to participate in the multiple research studies that the Institute is conducting to improve the quality of women’s lives by restoring their pelvic health. As a result of the exceptional reputation that the Institute has in conducting research, we can offer state of the art surgeries to those women who qualify and are willing to share their time with us over the length of the research study.

Our philosophy is to ensure your medical and surgical care during your participation of any study is actually enhanced by your enrollment in the study. How do we do this? We like to say our research patients get “extra special attention”. Not to say we neglect or ignore our non-study patients, but rather the nature of clinical research is such that we must pay even closer attention to you and all of your health needs, and follow you for a little longer period of time during and after your treatment.

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