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Vince Lucente, MD, Section Chief of Urogynecology, St. Luke’s University Health Network, presented the first Robin Haff Research and Scholarship Award toToni Marek-Mazzariello, RN, CCAP, St. Luke’s Hospice, for her research into aromatherapy

St. Luke's Chief of Urogynecology Presents First ‘Robin Haff Research and Scholarship

April 25, 2014

Award Recognizes Fellow Nurse in Memory of St. Luke’s Women’s Health Researcher

BETHLEHEM, PA. (4-25-2014) -- Vince Lucente, MD, Section Chief of Urogynecology, St. Luke’s University Health Network, presented the first Robin Haff Research and Scholarship Award to Toni Marek-Mazzariello, RN, CCAP, St. Luke’s Hospice, at the St. Luke’s Annual Nursing Research and Scholarship Day Event in mid-April. 

Mazzariello, a hospice nurse, is researching Aromatherapy Treatments for Hospice Patients Experiencing Terminal Restlessness.  Studies have shown that 85 percent of terminally ill patients experience a condition known as terminal restlessness with symptoms of anxiety, restlessness, hallucinations, agitated delirium and confusion.  This condition may have a profound impact on patient’s end of life experiences, as well as distressing loved ones and caregivers.  Research suggests that patients’ symptom distress may affect family members’ grieving process and bereavement. 

Mazziariello’s research will focus on the use of aromatherapy plant-based essential oils as an integrative approach to improve the patients’ sense of well-being.  She will present her findings at the 2015 St. Luke’s Annual Nursing and Research Day.

The scholarship was established by Dr. Lucente in 2013 to honor Robin Haff, RN, BSN, as a memorial to her work as Director of Women’s Health Research for St. Luke’s University Health Network and to encourage fellow nurses to share Robin’s passion for evidence-based research projects that result in improved patient care.  Robin coordinated clinical trials and research with Dr. Lucente for nearly 17 years.  Enrollment in these trials was optimized by her passion and belief in the work, said Dr. Lucente.

“Without dedicated and committed research staff, high quality research would not be possible,” said Dr. Lucente.  “Research leads to better outcomes and experiences for patients.” 

The presentation was the culmination St. Luke’s Nursing Research and Scholarship Day, a day-long event coordinated and facilitated by nurses for nurses to share research and nursing best practices.

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