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Dr. Lucente travels to Africa, China and Europe as key physician thought leader

February 16, 2010

Dr. Vincent Lucente spent the latter part of 2009 traveling to 3 continents to lecture and surgically train physicians on a new sling procedure for SUI and minimally invasive trans-vaginal mesh procedures for pelvic organ prolapse.   


As a key physician inventor and thought leader he was instrumental in the launch of a new single incision trans-obturator sling that allows doctors to tighten or loosen the sling after insertion of the anchors, thus permitting the surgeon to better achieve the optimal sling setting. The new procedure (Ajust) offers little to no post-operative discomfort compared to earlier three incision “pull-through” trans-obturator slings yet the same ‘anchoring’ into strong pelvic muscle and membranes.


In addition, he continued his ongoing educational work with Prolift, a trans-vaginal mesh procedure for prolapse surgery as a physician leading the world in achieving excellent results in trans-vaginal mesh placement for female pelvic organ prolapse.   

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