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For Referring Physicians

A New Approach to Problems of the Pelvic Floor

How We Work

We gear our consultation services to the referring physician's needs and preferences:

In all cases, we inform your patient clearly of the consultative nature of the referral, and direct her back to you after the completion of our services. No patient will be referred to another physicians with out your input.

What Our Consultation Service Involves

At the patient’s first visit, we do a complete history and physical, with emphasis on pelvic floor defects and disorders of the lower urinary tract. We also perform a preliminary urodynamic test (uroflowmetry).

If, after clinical assessment, the diagnosis is relatively clear and the patient is not a surgical candidate, we will outline initial management without the aide of formal multi-channel urodynamics.

In more complex cases, where the etiology of the incontinence is not clearly evident upon clinical evaluation, we have the patient come in for a second visit for urodynamic evaluation. (Urodynamic testing is also performed prior to surgery when indicated.) This session takes 45 minutes to an hour, including post-procedure counseling and review of the results.

We promptly communicate to you the results of the urodynamic testing.

Urodynamic Evaluation

Includes the following:

A description of these tests, in consumer-friendly language, is available for your patients.

Fees and Insurance

We accept Medicare and participate in most managed care health plans. We have dedicated personnel to assist your patients with claim processing and to help them avoid incurring a financial burden.

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