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Personal Statement - Vincent R. Lucente, MD, MBA

As I reflect back on my past seventeen years in the subspecilaity of Urogynecology and Female Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery I am amazed by just how far the field has come, and how fortunate I have been to be a part of it. Despite all the advancements and changes, the reasons I went in the field are still the same reasons that keep me dedicated to this profession; the opportunity to be a pioneer, to teach, research and most of all to make a difference in my patients lives.

Restoring someone’s bladder control or correcting their pelvic support can be a technically challenging surgery, I have strived hard to stay in the forefront of new minimally invasive techniques. Since 1998 I have performed several first in the country and even the world urogynecologic procedures, which have now become “gold standards” of care.

Because of my passion for teaching, The Institute started a fellowship, an advanced training program beyond a residency and a physician perceptorship program for Urogynecology. My daily activities involve teaching my physician colleagues, fellows, residents in-training, and medical students. I continue to stay very active in clinical research investigating new and improved treatments for urinary incontinence and gynecological disorders. These other aspects of my profession - the teaching and the clinical research are still very exciting to me.

Perhaps the most significant reason, one which has only grown over the years, is the impact I am able to make in improving the quality of someone’s life. I am most fulfilled when I see the smiling face of a patient who no longer needs to wear an absorbent pad or worry about wetness or odors.

Lastly, and by no means the least, is a little about my personal life outside of my profession. On the weekends that I am not working, I try to “make up” for the time I have missed with my three children over the years. They are all grown now and I travel to see them, especially to see my three grandchildren in Texas! When I finally get some “me” time, I escape to my log cabin to unplug and recharge with a good book, or stimulating conversation with close friends … even better with a glass of wine, Pinot Noir of course. For recreation, I enjoy sports and the great outdoors.

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